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100% Pure Hemp
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100% Pure Hemp 

ECO Manufacturing Natural quality is our signature and the guiding principle that is infused in everything we do. That is why etnico ltd choose to supply products that can provide this quality while retaining competitive pricing. Quality and ecology go hand-in-hand. The principle that well-made and long-lasting products contribute to environmental health is the philosophy that guides all manufacturing decisions. Durability is an essential factor in determining whether a product is eco or not, because the environmental impact of its production and distribution is spread over the lifetime of that product.

One of the most valuable parts of the hemp plant is the fibre, commonly referred to as "bast," meaning that it grows as a stalk from the ground. Other fibres such as sisal, manila hemp and jute are mistakenly referred to as, hemp, yet only Cannabis sativa is considered "true hemp." Among the characteristics of hemp fibre are its superior strength and durability, and its stunning resistance to rot, attributes that made hemp integral to the shipping industry.

The strong, woody baste fibre is extracted from the stalk by a process known as decortications. Hemp fibre contains a low amount of lignin, the organic glue that binds plant cells, which allows for environmentally friendly bleaching without the use of chlorine. In composite form, hemp is twice as strong as wood.

 All products made with hemp fibre are biodegradable.

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